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Our glow stones will continue to function in a cementitious or resin-epoxy matrix for 20+ years.

Absolutely not. Our Glow Stones will NOT shrink OR expand under any extreme environmental conditions from high desert heat to cold winter conditions.

Our glow stones are non-toxic, non-radioactive photoluminescent aggregates.

Glow Stones can be integrated into any type of design or structure which utilizes – cement, concrete, plaster, epoxy or resins.

Our glow aggregate is off-white or light yellow in color during the day depending on the glow color you choose - allowing it to blend seamlessly into any surface design.

Glow stones can be used as a unique functional design element on ANY type of surface application ranging from but not limited to:

EXTERIOR: Pedestrian Walkways, Bike Paths, Driveways, Patio & Pool Decks, Stairs, Outdoor Entertainment Areas, Residential Pathways, Pools, Spas, Benches, 3D Sculptures, Exterior Support Walls, and Pavers etc...

INTERIORS: Floors, Walls, Kitchen Counters, Bar Tops, Tables, Bathroom Vanities etc...

Yes - glow rocks can be easily utilized to form shapes or logos using the same process used by terrazzo and epoxy finishers.

Our glow stones can be mixed with epoxy or cement based coating materials to form directional markings for pedestrian and/or vehicle traffic applications. 

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